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Short videos, phishing simulation, and training tools to raise awareness
with modern attention spans in mind.

Awareness Training

Easily consumable and informative training content (e.g. short videos, posters, etc.)

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Phishing Simulation

Simulated phishing attacks to measure user response rates and test security awareness.

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Self-Service Portal

A simple portal to select, schedule, deliver, and track training and simulated phishing.

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As security advisors and pen testers, we recognize that security awareness training is a must. As humans we understand that training can be really unpleasant. That's why we created SmartBreach

Our Recent Video Training Series

BreachSmart training is designed to be non-disruptive. The idea is to train frequently, but only for a minute at the time (like the length of a commercial or short YouTube video).

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Key Video Training Features

Our short, mildly humorous, and memorable training serices covers far more than just phishing. Topics include: Dumpster Diving, Impersonation, Shoulder Surfing, Tailgating, Pretex Calling, InternetDisclosure, Physical Theft, Eavesdropping, Planted Media, USB drops, Password Security, Sensitive Information, WiFi Hotspots...

Incorporating latest learning research and real-world experience, our training content is designed for the modern attention span. Our videos are short, auto-reinforcing and comprehensive.


BreachSmart training videos are short (~1-minute-long), to be delivered regularly (e.g. weekly) and other digestible tools and content to help raise and maintain the security awareness of your employees without disruption.


BreachSmart is also a simple-to-use platform for distribution of content and a tracking system to monitor training progress.

Security Awareness

Employees will learn to avoid the security pitfalls that can put your organization at risk of a security breach.


They will receive on-going, low impact, reinforcement to help ensure that security awareness stays high.


Tracking allows you to monitor employee training and to target those who need additional encouragement.


Phishing simulation allows you to test employee awareness by sending phishing emails and reporting user engagement rates, to measure and reinforce learning


Tracking also allows you to provide evidence that training is being performed on a continual basis.


We are always adding new content and tools to keep employees engaged

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Our Portal
Training Series
Awesome Video Training

Phishing Simulation

Our self-service phishing simulation platform allows you to test employee awareness to real phishing attacks, and reinforce security principles through instant feedback.

Self-service Phishing Simulation

You choose the content and schedule that works best for your organization

Real-world attacks

Each phishing series contains 20+ phishing attacks borrowed from current, real-world examples to help your employees learn to recognize real attacks, and avoid falling for them.

Randomized scheduling options

Choose from various scheduling options, including randomization of attacks sent for each employee with random schedules for each to minimize pattern recognition.

Instant feedback

Employees that engage with phishing attacks will be immediately shown reminders not to be vigilant when reading and engaging with email.


Employees that engage with phishing will be provided additional training to reinforce awareness.


Tracking allows you to monitor employee engagement with phishing attacks and to target those who need additional education.


Tracking also allows you to provide evidence that phishing simulation is being performed on a continual basis.


We are always adding new content and tools to keep employees on their toes.

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Admin Portal

What are you waiting for?

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Think, learn, and enjoy. View our 60 sec "about" video

Advanced Curated Social Engineering

Beyond standard phishing simulation, we offer custom-designed social engineering services, which optionally include vectors tailored and personalized to your environments and employees. Vectors include sophisticated spear phishing, in-person attacks, and phone-based attacks.

This service may be coupled with the phishing simulation above, to provide maximal security awareness to employees.

Curated Social Engineering vectors include:

Custom spear-phishing

Custom-design phishing attack vectors that leverage research for personalization.

Pretext calling

Call scripts delivered over the phone to attempt to elicit sensitive information or risky behavior.

Planted media

USBs (memory sticks or devices), CDs, or DVDs delivered to employees or locations, with or without pretext.

Social networking

Vectors that exploit the trust relationships users have with their social media platforms.


Testing awareness of employees to in-person attacks to the importance of vigilance with physical threats.

Spear Phishing Trends

Spear Phishing and Advanced Persistent Threats are still on the rise

Average Cost of Attack $1.6 M

77% of Spear Attacks are Laser-Focused

Training Platform

Easy to administer and track user progress

User-centric Training

Users love our short, humorous and memorable training.

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Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime

Users can view training material at thier desktop or on mobile

Training Series
Training Series

Custom Content and Customization

BreachSmart operates its own video production studio to provide:

  • Customization:  We can modify, personalize, and brand our vides for your organization and culture.
  • Custom Videos: We can develop entirely new content for you at your request.
  • Security compliance services

Inquire about licensing our content for use in your own learning management system.

And our talented team of media specialists are available to customize and personalize our content to your needs. We are also available to create custom content, just for you.

Contact us for more info.

Content Licensing

If you already have an Learning Management System (LMS) but would like to include our content,

Contact us about licensing.

Please also contact us if you’re interested in reselling our content.


Our training content and phishingwas designed by the experienced pen-testers from Illumant.

BreachSmart Training was concieved by security experts at Illumant, a seasoned security assessment and penetration testing firm with approximately 20 years of experience providing pen testing, social engineering, and security assessment services. Our video training and phishing simulations are designed to:

  • Security Awareness Training.
  • Phishing Simulations
  • Compliance Training
  • Custom Training Material
  • Auditable.
  • Progress Tracking
  • Fun, Fresh and Memorable Content

Illumant's experience is invaluable to the relevance and efficacy of our training material.

Our Clients
Some of Our Clients

About Us

Founded in 1999, Illumant has been at the forefront of Internet and information security since its inception. Illumant was one of the first companies to offer penetration testing and security assessment services to its clients, long before security was little more than an afterthought. Illumant was among the first companies to offer security compliance services as information security standards, laws and regulations started to emerge.

Illumant's founders graduated from Stanford University with degrees in Engineering and Physics in the earliest stages of the first Internet bubble, with the aim to address the vastly underserved information security arena. Illumant crafted services to help organizations identify security weaknesses in technical infrastructure and security posture to help head off threats before potentially costly security breaches.

Utilizing an arsenal of assessment services spanning internal and external, and technical and organizational perspectives, including:

Illumant has conducted thousands of assessment and compliance engagements, helping over 800 clients protect themselves from cyber-attacks. Illumant has helped companies across all verticals including hospitals, research universities,

Learn more about Illumant and its assessment and pen-testing services here.

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